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Minecraft well where do I begin with my love for this game. It was one of the first games I got for PC. But even after all these years it’s still one of the only ones on there. It’s one of those games that never really gets old and you can never truly finish it.

I first started playing on minecraft when it had first come out. At that time it was still in beta, there wasn’t much to do at that time but it was enough to show me the potential. From there as minecraft progressed the more there was to do and the more there was to do the more I played.
Around this time servers where getting big and streamers had just started putting videos of this great game on the web. Then a bit latter they launched multiplayer, this started a new way to play and have fun.

And now after so many years I have found my favorite server to play on. It’s mostly vanilla with a few custom coded things. It has a great community and great staff as well. We have special custom coded monsters like the Momentos, Bliz Ard and the Marlix    .

We host events on this server all the time so there is always Somthing to do. We have a very big and competitive yet easy to get a hang of economy. There are 10 servers that make up this place 1-9 are called SMP’s while #10 which you can get a home on if you are a supporter is called Utopia.

Now about out supporter options. You can become a supporter by buy them from the our website (listed below with IP address) or by them as vouchers from players who are selling the voucher versions in game.Each supporter option give a bit more there are Iron, Gold and Diamond.

Now about the economy. There are plenty of ways to make money on this server. One being selling things to shops, I highly recommend selling to the many malls on all SMP’s. You can find most by doing /v +mall that will take you to a random mall. But I highly recommend making sure if you can bulk sell at that mall or you can get kicked from ever using that mall again.

Server Website Click Here

Visit the site before going on server to learn more 

Server Ip


Remember to list vortixin as your referral it is appreciated.

Ps. More about Empireminecraft is yet to come